Border Collie Puppies India (Pre-booking Open)

Working Line Border Collie Puppies Finally in India!

Welcome to our exclusive showcase of the first bi-breed planned litter of working Border Collies in India! This exceptional litter is a result of the elite pairing of FELIX and PIA, both imported from top working lines in the UK. Here, we delve into what makes these Border Collies truly special and why they are perfect for dedicated and discerning owners.

Elite Pedigree and Exceptional Health

FELIX x PIA: The Perfect Pairing Both Felix and Pia come from prestigious working lines in the UK, known for their exceptional intelligence, agility, and work ethic. Their puppies inherit these superior traits, making them ideal for various high-performance roles.

Health and Certification

  • DNA Health Tested: All puppies are DNA health tested and clear of any genetic issues.
  • Pre Hips and Elbows Clear: Ensuring they are fit and ready for a range of activities.
  • ISDS and KCI Registered: Both parents are registered with the International Sheep Dog Society and the Kennel Club of India, ensuring pedigree and authenticity.

Meet the Puppies

We are proud to present 6 beautiful puppies: 5 boys and 1 girl. These puppies are bred to excel in obedience, agility, herding, and as active companions.

  • 1 girl and 2 boys already reserved: Showing the high demand and value of these exceptional dogs.
  • 3 boys left for pre-booking: Limited availability for those who appreciate top-tier working dogs.

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If you are a serious dog enthusiast looking for a high-value, elite working dog, these Border Collies are perfect for you. Please ensure you are prepared for the commitment these exceptional dogs require.

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Serious buyers only. The great ones don't come cheap.

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