Board & Train

8-week program

  • Contact for Pricing
  • Ideal for puppies under 8 months
  • Includes basic obedience training: sit, down, stay, recall, eating, and fetching on command
  • Addresses leash training to correct pulling
  • Aims at enhancing social skills and confidence
  • Teaches pups to manage and ignore distractions and triggers

12- week program

  • Contact for Pricing
  • Suitable for dogs over 8 months
  • Focuses on correcting problem behaviors such as resource guarding and various forms of aggression
  • Advanced leash training to manage aggression and reactivity
  • Intensive Counter Conditioning program led by Nikhil

Custom Program

  • Tailored to meet unique needs after thorough assessment
  • Personalized consultations with pet parents
  • Bespoke training plan designed for individual dog profiles for example show training, obedience training, protection training, bitework, international competitions, behaviour modification and more!

Training Programs​


Get in Touch


Get in Touch

About Class

At Barn & Beyond, we offer a range of dog training programs designed to suit every age and behavior. Our expert-led courses focus on everything from basic obedience for puppies to advanced behavior modification for older dogs. Each program combines effective training techniques with understanding canine behavior to ensure positive results. Whether you’re looking to teach new skills or tackle challenges, we’re here to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

What To Expect

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Advance bookings required; please plan for a 2-4 week lead time for admissions.
  • We strive for swift responses to all pet parents; however, due to high demand and our commitment to quality care, there may be delays.
  • While Nikhil designs all training programs, he is one of up to two trainers interacting with your dog but not the primary handler.
  • Video updates are provided Monday through Saturday, excluding Sundays reserved for maintenance. Health updates, if necessary, will be communicated on these days.
  • Each dog is cared for by two primary and two secondary handlers, ensuring a nurturing environment.
  • Senior trainers oversee handover lessons and manage check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Our highly skilled senior faculty specializes in both dog and handler training, focusing on effective behavior rehabilitation.
  • We are not responsible for health sensitivities due to local tropical conditions; pet owners are encouraged to be proactive about their pets’ health needs.

General Question

In the shorter program, you'll have three guided handling sessions with your dog from week three to the program's end. In the longer program, this increases to five sessions. These are designed to help you learn and practice the techniques we're teaching your dog.

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