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Security Dogs


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About Our Security Dog Services

We provide highly-trained security dogs to safeguard your premises. Our elite team of dogs is trained extensively to ensure they are reliable and effective in deterring threats and protecting your property. Equipped with keen senses and trained for unwavering loyalty, our security dogs offer an unmatched level of security.

Key Features of Our Security Dog Services:

Terms and Conditions

Service Agreement: Clients must sign a service agreement detailing the scope of work, responsibilities, and expectations.

Liability Waiver: Clients are required to sign a waiver acknowledging the inherent risks involved with security services.

Scheduling and Availability: Services must be scheduled in advance, subject to availability.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations require a minimum of 2 weeks notice, or a cancellation fee may apply.

Payment Terms: Payment must be made according to the agreed schedule outlined in the service agreement.

Confidentiality*: All information regarding security measures and operations remains confidential between Barn & Beyond and the client.

General Question

Our security dogs are versatile and can be deployed in various settings, from private estates to commercial properties and event spaces.

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